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EV power supply charger system
EVPST-SC-01 charge station EV power supply charger system
EVPST-SC-01 360v600kw high performance and efficient liquid colling power supply charger system, charge station for EV, boat, yacht....  
Marine Series Battery
EVPST-M-01 Marine Series Battery
24v220Ah,48v220Ah,48v120Ah,432v360Ah.... And or Customized Marine Hybrid Propulsion/Electric Propulsion System  
High Capacity LiFePo4 battery
EVPST48123160-3.2V40AH High Capacity LiFePo4 battery
1, Nominal Voltage: 3.2v
2, Nominal Capacity: 40Ah
3, Internal Resistance :< 3mΩ
4, Discharge Protecting Voltage: 2.3v
5, Charge Protecting Voltage: 3.65V
6, Continuous Discharge: 2C (80A)
7, Pulse Discharge Rate: 6C (240A, 10S)
8, Max. Charging Current: 1C (40A), Pulse 2C (80A, 10S)
9, Weight: 1700g
10, Dimensions: T: 48*W: 123*H: 160mm
11.1500cycles with DOD at 80%
12.Leading time:50±10days for 3000 PCS
Suitable for EV, soalr/wind energy storage,UPS, Yacht. Boat....
205V/110Ah LiFePO4 Battery for EV  
LiFePo4 Battery For EV & SOLAR System
EVPST-EV-11 LiFePo4 Battery For EV & SOLAR System
360V/110Ah for city bus  
High performance EV BMS with CAN bus& SOC
EVPST-BMS-4 High performance EV BMS with CAN bus& SOC
Key Features of BMS:
1)Individual cell voltage detection
2)Battery system’s Temperature detection
3)the battery system’s charging current and discharging current detecting and real-time management
4)temperature coolling control of the battery system
5)the real-time modifying of the individual cell’s difference
6)SOC estimating of the battery system
7)Battery system’s accident analyzing and on-line alarming
8)Datums transmission and real-time communication with Master BMS
9)the real-time displaying of the Battery system States
10)Charging balancing function
11)Communicating with charger system to achieve safety charging
High rate LiFePo4 battery
EVPST21171110-3.2V10Ah High rate LiFePo4 battery
1, Nominal Voltage: 3.2v
2, Nominal Capacity: 10Ah
3, Internal Resistance :< 2mΩ
4, Discharge Protecting Voltage: 2.3v
5, Charge Protecting Voltage: 3.70±5V
6, Max. Continuous Discharge: 10C (100A)
7, Pulse Discharge Rate: 20C (200A, 10S)
8, Max. Charging Current: 5C (50A), Pulse 10C (100A, 10S)
9, Weight: 450g
10, Dimensions: T: 21*W: 117*H: 110mm
11.1500cycles with DOD at 80%
12. Leading time: 50±10days for 3000 PCS
Suitable for HEV, EV,soalr/wind energy storage,UPS, Yacht. Boat....
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